Swimming Deer Trail

Swimming Deer Trail is a 3.5 mile loop trail in St. Francois State Park in St. Francois County MO. This park is gorgeous. Our previous hike was in this park, Mooners Hollow Trail. We did Swimming Deer on October 29. It was in the 40’s and the fall colors had finally kicked in. Bright blue skies…perfect hiking weather!! IMG_20171029_111447689

The trail follows The Big River up along a bluff part of the way, though we were able to get down to the river at one point. The water was pretty low there. IMG_20171029_113200590

Our first discovery was a cave. Yep, I went in! I couldn’t go very far because I was on my hands and knees, holding my phone videoing! It turned to left, the opening got a little smaller and I couldn’t see anymore so I stopped. If I would have had my flashlight, which was in my pack outside the cave, I would have gone as far as I could. Russ was kinda freaking out since he couldn’t see me! All I found were some mosquitoes and a bunch of rocks under my knees…bruises!


I’m always amazed by rock steps. Are they natural, man made, how long have they been there? This set of steps looked natural to me or at least made by hands many many years ago. Either way, up we went to the top of the bluffs overlooking the river for some spectacular views. When we got to the top, we met a couple of younger guys and an older gentleman and the older man just stood there looking down those steps like he might cry. The poor guy was beat. I told him that once he gets down that’s the last really hard descent and he had less than a mile to go. That lit up his face! I know how he felt, I’d rather go up than down, well my knees and ankle would! IMG_20171029_115732497IMG_20171029_121639134

Too pretty not to include!
There’s a beautiful home tucked into the trees across the river
Russ was not happy posing for this picture so close to edge!

Eventually we turned away from the river. It was a fall color explosion! The leaves just rained down on us constantly. Sensory overload, in a great way. The sound of the leaves falling, of our feet pushing through a carpet of freshly fallen leaves…no crunchy leaves yet. And the smell was something I wish I could bottle and bring home. It wasn’t that damp earthy decay smell one would expect. The ground was too dry from lack of rain for that. It was something I’ll probably never experience again…It was that wonderful!

Tree tunnel
Russ being a tree!
At some point there had been a fire through here. Many charred trees and still some yellow fire line tape.
The trail almost disappeared

There’s an old cabin/shack off the trail. From a distance it looks pretty cool. Up close, it’s full of graffiti 😠. No clue what it was used for, why it’s there. Supposidly there’s an old logging mill off the trail, maybe it’s part of that. IMG_20171029_195541IMG_20171029_132655700IMG_20171029_133053456

And now for what has become my favorite things to look for and photograph….funky trees. I drive Russ crazy taking pictures of trees! Sometimes I take a dozen (or more) of one tree trying to get the best shot. Not always easy to do with a camera phone. We came across this amazing old cedar tree. I thought it was dead since it was hollow at the bottom but way way up at the top the branches were full of green needles! I was doubly amazed by that tree.


I also look for burls in trees. I never noticed them before I started hiking. I just thought burl wood came from some exotic type of tree that didn’t grow in boring ole Missouri!  Oops! While I know next to nothing about burls, I now know they grow on Missouri trees. I found 2 on this hike. One on a skinny tall tree. The burl was bigger than a basketball. The tree trunk was maybe 3″ in diameter! The other one was on what was left of a long dead tree and what was left of the burl was massive! IMG_20171029_132846875IMG_20171029_144228221IMG_20171029_144303329



Mooner’s Hollow Trail & A Surprise From My Daughter

There are so many great places in Missouri to hike, Russ and I often have a hard time deciding where to go next. The same goes for my daughter Kelsey and son in law Eric. Russ and I had narrowed down our picks to a couple different parks a couple hours South of home. We’d decide on the fly Sunday morning. Kelsey called Saturday asking for suggestions and I told her about a few of our possible trails and a couple in Illinois. We’re almost to our destination, Mooners Hollow Trail in Bonne Terre Missouri, when Kelsey calls to ask where we are going and to tell me they are going to Mooners Hollow! Like mother, like daughter! The trail is a 3 mile loop and we agree that Russ and I will start at the trailhead and Kelsey, Eric and their friends Moriah and Ethan will start at the end and we’ll meet in the middle. This is the first time Kelsey and I will knowingly be hiking the same trail at the same time, even though we’re not hiking together! IMG_20171008_110701651IMG_20171008_112451380IMG_20171008_113701283IMG_20171008_122116092IMG_20171008_123631469

We finally met up with them almost 2 miles in! Kelsey tells me she left me a gift further on down the trail, I just have to find it! It’s off trail, on the right, under a big rock that looks like a turtle head, across from an area of white stones in the stream! Oh, and I won’t be able to see the turtle face coming from my direction! My head is on a swivel trying to look back up the trail for a rock turtle and white stones! That girl!! I find a big turtle rock…on the left. Finally, white stones! To my right is a huge long cliff like area, but darn if I see a turtle anywhere! And it’s a climb getting up to it. But I found my gift and it melted my heart!! I wanted to take it with me but it was not possible. One of these days we’ll get our timing right and hike a whole trail together!


A Little 1982 Colorado Memory

In 1982, one of my really close friends, Corinne, was getting married in New Mexico and I was her maid of honor. My friend Cindy was going to drive with me to New Mexico for the wedding then we were going to head up to Colorado for a week before heading home. A great road trip for a couple of young girls, no doubt! Plans were made, hotel reservations made. Then at the last minute, the dates for some of Cindy’s college finals changed and she couldn’t go. I was going nuts! My parents wouldn’t let me make the drive from St. Louis to Roswell New Mexico by myself, even though the bride’s 14 yr old brother might be going along too. None of my other girlfriends could go. My mom…my MOM…suggested Scott, the guy I was dating…for like 2 months! Really?! Wasn’t sure how he’d take to Colorado or my Mustang…this was Scott of the permed hair & spritzer bottle of water/conditioner mix and hair pick that he kept handy under the drivers seat of his Trans Am! IMG_20171010_011220621

We take my little ’79 turbocharged Mustang without AC and hit the road. Smooth sailing the first day. We spend the night at my uncle’s house in Moore Oklahoma. At some point the second day, I want a break from driving and ask Scott to drive. He has waited until then to tell me he doesn’t know how to drive a stick shift! You’ve got to be kidding me! I tried to teach him in a parking lot…LMBO! I’m screaming in my head…don’t screw up my car doufus! I drove the rest of the trip. The wedding was beautiful and we headed to Colorado the next day. This guy had no business being in that state! The mountain highways scared him. I tried to take him up to this beautiful lake but the road was closed halfway up by snow and I had to back down for a bit…I think he cried a little! I stopped by a beautiful fast moving stream. Wanted to get out and explore and climb on rocks. Not a chance in hell was he going to get near that stream, much less rock hop or climb out on the log like I did! At least he took pictures! IMG_20171010_011541IMG_20171010_011611IMG_20171010_011704

Our hotel had a heated indoor pool and a hot tub out on the deck. He wouldn’t get in the pool because he forgot his ear and nose plugs. He wouldn’t get in the hot tub because the water was too hot and the air outside was too cold! I didn’t think anything could ever make me want to leave my favorite place on earth…but he did! We left after 3 days. I never saw him again after that trip! My mom was devastated! I think she had been hearing wedding bells! Yikes!

I found the above pictures when I was going through my hundreds and hundreds of pictures looking for pictures of my son to post on Facebook for his 28th birthday. I don’t think I’ve shared any pictures of him…so, meet my son Ross! And his girlfriend Tiffany and my grandson Sean as a little guy. You’ll be meeting my daughter Kelsey in my next post…we finally met up on the same trail!

Ross at the county fair truck and tractor pulls with the pulling truck he built. 



Pickle Springs…SWEET!

Back in May I talked Russ into getting up early on a Saturday morning and driving 90 miles to hike a 2 mile trail. He wasn’t thrilled, he hates getting up early & going that far to hike 2 miles…Really?! I’d heard great things about Pickle Springs Natural Area, my mind was made up. My daughter agreed to watch the dog for the day, no excuses.


My expectations for Pickle Springs were pretty high, based on comments and pictures from friends. My high expectations were blown away again and again that day! A hike that should have taken around 2 hours took us 5 hours! I’m a slow hiker, but there were so many things to explore and climb on and take pictures of! Massive boulders, canyons, bluffs, tall fragrant pine trees…a favorite of mine but not very common in Missouri. The only drawback…too many people. Although I can’t blame anyone for wanting to be there! This is definitely one of my top 3 trails…so far!! We are for sure going to hike this trail in the fall and winter.

IMG_20170521_120945827IMG_20170521_121943110IMG_20170521_121951210IMG_20170521_123246248 I’ll let the many pictures I took tell the rest, after all…a picture is worth a thousand words!

Oh, to have a better camera with a wide angle lens!
This picture was supposed to be like the one I took of Russ up here!


I see a dinosaur…do you?

Earlier I said the only drawback was too many people. I should have said disrespectful people. Nothing pisses me off more than finding trash along the trail, or so I thought. On a giant boulder, some nit wit thought being the one and only graffiti artist would be a good thing. NOT! Keep it on the bathroom stalls, please. And by the canyon, I found…eewwww…a pair of men’s underwear! And later, a couple different socks. How does one not know they lost A sock or their underwear?!! Ugggg IMG_20170521_124922824

This canyon area was beautiful. Pictures don’t do it justice. There was a small tunnel at one end of it and Russ managed to climb through. I hiked around to the other side and waited and waited, all kinds of disastrous thoughts running through my head! He made it, no problems.


The next set of pictures are from my favorite area. Pine trees everywhere!! It smelled so good! And the views were spectacular! IMG_20170521_131425646IMG_20170521_141610046IMG_20170521_141946450IMG_20170521_143336141IMG_20170521_150629737IMG_20170521_130334246IMG_20170521_131519285IMG_20170521_143737318