It’s The Sunny Little Things

If my neighbors saw me today, crawling around in the grass, digging around in the brush pile that’s patiently waiting to go to the recycle center or messing with the 4 tiny blooms  on my giant hydrangea bush, cell phone in hand, while it was thundering and lightening…I’m sure they were wondering what the heck I was up to again!

My back yard has a lot of clover and there were so many bumble bees going from flower to flower! I just had to try to get some pictures. I took dozens and ended up with a couple good ones. I can’t remember ever seeing so many bees at one time in my yard. Most were the big fuzzy black and yellow what I call bumble bees. There were even some smaller fuzzy black and white bees and honey bees.

I managed to capture 3 bees in this shot as I was trying to photograph the closest one…buy 1 get 2 bees free!

My brush pile is a tangled mess! Several years ago I tried to grow black raspberries…the birds ate them before I could think about picking any. Then I broke my ankle and doing any gardening or yard work went out the window and the berry plants became spindly sticker twigs. To the brush pile they went. A couple weeks ago I discovered the brush pile is half black raspberry bush now! And today, I found the first few black raspberries! There are hundreds of little red ones waiting for the sun to ripen them…if the birds don’t get them first!


One ripe black raspberry


My hydrangea bush is probably 10 years old and huge and it has only bloomed big full blooms 2 times. I water it. I fertilize it. I prune it. I don’t prune it. It has a mind of its own for sure! What did I find today? 4 small blooms! I’ve done something a little bit right!



Just the right amount of sunny