A Hike Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

The temperature was supposed to be around 80° for the high last Saturday. Russ and I were going hiking, no matter what! We hadn’t been out in several weeks. It was too hot and he’s still having problems with his hand. Crystal even decided to go with us! Yay! Saturday morning rolls around…Russ doesn’t feel well and my favorite person in the world is at my house for the weekend, my 8 yr old grandson Sean. His mom and step dad hike a lot and take him sometimes but it’s not really his thing. I was afraid there would be no hiking for me until Sean asked if he could go too. You betcha! So I got to hike with 2 of my favorite people and my heart was so full, I didn’t want the day to end!


I wanted to do a trail that was close to home, not too long and not to challenging since Crystal is just getting started hiking. A few weeks ago, our friend Scott and his adorable dog Cooper took her on the Lewis and Clark Trail. They go so fast, it about killed her legs! That’s a tough trail and long. So we went to Matson Hill Trail. It’s a little over 3 miles and rated easy, but it’s not easy! On the easier side of moderate, but not easy, especially when the creeks are running, which they weren’t. Sean had evidently been there more than once because he was our guide! He was pointing out land marks and such. It was so fun to listen to him sound so grown up!


Most of the time Sean and Crystal were way out in front of me. My ankle and foot were really hurting so I was going extra slow. That turned out to be a good thing. Sean and Crystal hiked together and talked non-stop! Sean told Crystal jokes, stories about his pets, talked about books, all kinds of stuff making her laugh! My heart just melted listening to them!





We were beat…hot, sweaty, dirty and tired. But it was a great day! A day I’ll treasure!